Protopak is the definitive tool for the determination of the instantaneous moisture content in materials that are in the form of thin and super-thin layers. Designed for use both in the laboratory and in the factory, makes possible an acquisition and processing of a data in continuous mode – from 0% to 100% humidity – with accuracy of up to 0.1%. The sample holder rotating element allows you to process the average values during the analysis, excluding possible confounding factors and thus increasing the accuracy and repeatability of the measurement.


portable sensor for simultaneous measurement of humidity and thickness. The tool lends itself to the combined and simultaneous determination of both these magnitudes and therefore finds space in the applications in which these values influence each other and the knowledge of both consents an increased accuracy of the measurement. Is powered by rechargeable batteries that allows more that 6 hours of autonomy.


The SLED2 ™ (Dynamic Moisture Sensor) is the most interesting product in the field of solutions for industrial applications to improve the quality and sustainability of production processes. The most recent technological research of the Company has been addressed to the development of a new generation of the Moistron® sensor so as to adapt to dynamic environments, such as the measurement of moisture in continuous of inconsistent materials (eg. powders, agglomerates, granules, etc.) placed on a handling line consisting of a conveyor belt or similar plants.


Italian Patent N° 000 1 411 594

SContactless System for the water measuring on the materials carried on the conveyor belt. The determination of moisture content is based on a microwave sensor with resonant patch antenna. The special feature of this patented tool is given by the possibility of determining the moisture measurement through a layer of material permeable to microwaves. The said layer moves at the same speed of the product transported on belt and of which one wants to measure the humidity. The lack of contact avoids all the problems of contamination and wear of the sensor. DMS finds its application in all those industrial processes in which it is indispensable the constant monitoring of the water content of the raw materials and / or products in a reliable, simple and accurate mode. Typical areas of application are found in the food industry, agro-industry, in ceramics tiles, the pre-mixed feed, powders and granules, in the field of pulp and paper, the paint compounds, the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and,more generally, of chemistry.


multi-channel digital sensor for the dew-point temperature and relative humidity. The sensor combines the extreme accuracy of the measuring system, a robust mechanical and the same time simple, such as to make it easy to install in any industrial environment. Applies in the context of drying processes (eg. Plastics, ceramics, food, animal feed), and in the contexts in which the air-conditioning of production environments is critical (eg. seasoning processes, drying rooms, smoking warehouses, etc.).