The Company

Who we are

The core business

Pertec Sistemi core business is focused on real time measuring systems for industrial processes control. Competence and experience enables the Company to move in a wide range of application from the sensor microwave for determining non-intrusive moisture in materials, optical and optoelectronic measurement systems, processes automation for control of dimensional characteristics, superficial and qualitative, to multi-channel digital sensors for determination of temperature and relative humidity, to sensors for detecting the density in liquids and liquid suspensions, etc.

Our History

Pertec Sistemi is headquartered in Modena and was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of Pertec that with over 20 years of history has become a benchmark in technological services to businesses. Pertec Sistemi employs a team of professionals and experts working in the improvement of industrial applications and operate to develop and manufacture technologically advanced process controls.

Our Mission

We work to provide measurement and control systems able to certify the quality and increase the value in the industrial processes and products. We make the understanding of the Market, the capacity to listen and cooperation to our customers the strength of our business approach.

Flexibility, passion for innovation and extensive experience in the field of non-invasive detection systems, guide us to develop and manufacture technologically advanced systems, able to increase the efficiency of production processes and enhance the product quality.


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    Claudio Ferrari

    Manufacturing Technology Specialist – Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions S.p.A.
    The cooperation with Pertec Sistemi has allowed us to find a satisfactory answer to the process control. A serious and reliable partner.
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    Fabio Schianchi

    CEO of Manfredini e Schianchi S.p.a. (Leader in avant-garde technologies in handling and processing raw materials of different nature)
    From the time we were looking for a reliable humidity sensor can be inserted into our process plant. Pertec Sistemi is an ideal partner because it has proved not only provides high-precision sensors in there, but customizes solutions based on our application needs.